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My complaint is about the Whataburger in Gulf Breeze Florida it is consistently the worst Whataburger I have ever eaten at they make you wait 10 minutes for your order and then your orders not even fresh I will never eat there again and I will tell everybody I know not to eat there either it's shitholes like that who need to be shut down give a company with good food a chance to work Add comment

The employee david is very rude looks like he get mad real easily i had asked for more cream he shuts the window gets the cream and only gives me two so i park go inside and get more cream he saw inside and mumbled something very rude guy from now on ill go inside Add comment

The only problem i have is the employees don't use any utensils when prepairing your food(whataburger lafeyette,La)they use there bare hands ,very unsanitary Add comment

We are sitting in the parking lot of Whaterburger on Telephone and Belford in Houston. It is pouring rain and the streets are flooding. We tried to go in, get a *** and wait out the rain. Whataburger locked the doors and would not let us in. A number of people tried to get in. I will never go to another Whaterburger. Add comment

I went to Whataburger this evening 5/13/16 and went through the drive thru and ordered four meals that totaled $30. I usually get good food quality @ Whataburger, so maybe I just chose to go to the wrong one this evening. Everything on ALL FOUR MEALS were cold. The hamburgers were so cold that the cheese they just threw on my sandwiches were no where close to melting. The onion rings & fries were cold, and probably had been sitting there for... Read more

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This is the second time i go thru the drive thru and order extra fries that was the first time. Tonight i ordered 3 extra chicken strips. I get charged for them but werent put in. Fries arent fresh. Add comment

I went to the Whatabutger located at Westhills shopping center in Tulsa, OK. I sat in the drive thru for 25 mins then the lady at the window could not find my order asked me to pull to the next window where the food was handed to me and asked for my money. I had asked for a #5 with no onions and a sweet tea. The fries were cold the burger had onions, by now my 30 min lunch in over. I asked for a refund, the manager didn't even apologize plus she... Read more

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Went to the new Whataburger in Temple, TX....And it was terrible....order was ABSOLUTELY wrong and that is the 3rd time in a row that ive gone there just to drive the 15 mins home and then find out that they screwed up again! Tonight i ordered a double meat whataburger with only cheese and ketchup and got it home and it had lettuce, onions and mustard....but the worse part....they forgot not one but both of my meat patties....WTH?!? I definitely... Read more

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This is the second time that I have ordered my favorite meal only to be disappointed. What has happened to the chicken? If I wanted a finger chicken basket , I would have gone to tiny chicken finger mainly batter with a hint of chicken in it place. What has happened? How can whataburger justify charging what they charge for a chicken meal on texas toast and and give you a dollar menu item?Totally pissed. Hey whataburger we do have a choice... Read more

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Never get food right sick of it not even drinks we will be going elseware Add comment

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