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This is the second time that I have ordered my favorite meal only to be disappointed. What has happened to the chicken? If I wanted a finger chicken basket , I would have gone to tiny chicken finger mainly batter with a hint of chicken in it place. What has happened? How can whataburger justify charging what they charge for a chicken meal on texas toast and and give you a dollar menu item?Totally pissed. Hey whataburger we do have a choice where we as consumers eat. I was told the first time this happened it would never happen... Read more

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Never get food right sick of it not even drinks we will be going elseware Add comment

The food wasn't bad, I was not given the correct item that I ordered. Add comment

Didn't get what I Paid for. A co-worker and I went to the Whataburger on Little Road on our lunch break, we both ordered Chopper House Cheese Burger combo meal. We only got one CHCB, the other was a whataburger with mayo and mustard with all the veggies. We just cut our burgers in half so that we could share. I was so disappointed and a little angry, and so was my co-worker. On mt behalf next time I will have to check my food before pulling off. The reason we didn't do that was because we ordered the same thing, we were in the drive thru and... Read more

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My complain is about getting to Whataburger and not seeing the signs of dogs allowed and they aren't allowed my dog in the store. Also the employees were rude about it this was at the store 381 April 25th at 11:55 p.m. now the lady in the Drive-Thru she was a nice person thank you very much I hope you do something on letting the dogs in or at least put a sign on the door and not letting them in Add comment

My family and I are HUGE Whataburger fans, and we frequent them often. However, the one that is right by our home, has got to be one of the worst I have ever been to. When we first moved into the the neighborhood, they were great! Food was always fresh, staff was very friendly and eager to assist, store was clean, and our order, always correct. I have a fairly large family, with very particular orders, i.e.: no lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese. And that's just the easy part. However, over the last year, this store has SERIOUSLY regressed. I... Read more

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Saginaw, TX - This is not fast food. It's cheap food, done slow. The late night lines are 15-20 mins minimum. They ask you too many questions. If you want a cheeseburger you better bring a #2 pencil b/c it's like you're taking your SAT's. "Our cheeseburgers don't come with cheese"??? WTF does that even mean??! And who the *** actually wants spicy ketchup?!? I left this BS exam and went to Taco Bell!!! Read more

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Just got a chocolate shake from whataburger. used to be the best on the market. Now it appears they're adding air to their shakes which makes them no better than McDonald's. what a shame my last Whataburger shake! WB your quality should be part of your Texas history. Fix it now! Add comment

I am a loyal whataburger customer and usually visit 3x a week for dinner never have had a problem. On This Day April 1,2016 as if it was an april fools joke i was taken as ! I took my family to eat at whataburger after going skating and had the worst experience ever !!!! So we went in and i am always in charge of ordering our meals since i already know what we want . Ive become familiar with workers and managers and i noticed on this day there was a new manager that i did not recognize at all.Let me start off by saying im hispanic and the... Read more

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Hello my name is Wendy Rose I live in Katy Tx and I happen to stop by to get a burger. Just to let you know this was not my first time . I really enjoy your hamburgers!!!!!. Well on this particular day 4/22/16 around 1:00 time may not be exact some one at the drive thru kept going and it put your staff in total confusion. From that point 2 more customers got the wrong order on top of that I had been waiting for 10 min and another customer came in placed a order and got his food immediately after that I ask about my order and was told that he... Read more

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