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My order was messed up tonight I asked for a plain burger and guess what I got a burger filled with mayo tomatoes lettuce and pickles does that sound like plain to you I don't think so Add comment

I had a patty melt and there was to much pepper on it my mouth was burning like crazy Add comment

On February 2, at 9 am I was at Whataburger. The manager, named Janice , ordered an employee to clean and wipe down the table next to me. I have had a heart surgery last August and I am allergic to cleaning fluids. my heart has been in normal rhythm since August. I told Janice not to clean the table next to me , to please come back in a little while when I leave to go to my office. I have... Read more

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I went in one day they were not using any gloves to handle the food and they're handling money nobody wash their hands they are snacking off of the vegetables that was supposed to be put in the sandwiches they're making little snacks back there on rush hour at night which I work nights and I went up there to eat it took almost 30 minutes to get my food because they are goofing off in the back... Read more

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I Really don't understand all of the Managers at 521 in Texarkana. They have the worst customer service ever. They alway complaining about Labor but they do what they want to do. Every time I visit its always a new face like What is going on I have seen some there for years. When I see them outside of whataburger I will ask what happen. They Reply and say they didn't put me on the schedule just... Read more

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Worst customer service ever. Lady was rude, I had a free coupon for a whataburger and I also ordered one with fries and a drink and she told me I couldn't do that, so I had to pay separately to get my drink and fries. So ridiculous. And she was rude about it and just did it without even telling me she was going to. I'll never go back there again. Add comment

I visited your stop in Irving I believe its considered. I waited 15 minutes just to receive a cold sausage sandwich and cold and stale hash browns. I am very disappointed and this store usually does a ok job. Resturant 816....850 Market Pl. Irving, Tx 75063. Manager Falix Alvarez. Add comment

I have been waiting for 45 minutes on a #1 meal? I'm at restaurant #1016. Lousy service lady behind counter taking orders was carrying on a conversation with her friends and had other customers waiting Add comment

My name is Alberto Puga I visited store location # 720 this morning at 6:15 I put you order and went into the restroom. Minutes later I heard a girl go in and start saying to her fellow employee that there was a man in here and it stinks in here but in harsher words which made me feel bad. When I got out I confronted her as to what she said and even though she saw me go in , she denied knowing I... Read more

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Management at the whataburger in Del Rio, Texas has to be check on. Several employees have quit and several more will be quitting due to the fact that some supervisors treat their employees like dirt and reduce their hours if complaints are made verbally. Please make it a surprise especially during 5pm to midnight shift. Thank you very much. Add comment

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