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On I-10 in Texas wanted to stop and get a *** to eat, pulled

into whataburger Restaurant 578 address: 2204 Hwy. 71 south

Columbus, TX 78934 phone: (979) 732 8681. This restaurant is

absolutely DISGUSTING. It's filthy, there is trash all over

the floor while standing there for 26 minutes waiting for my

food, I never saw an employee sweep up. You can tell the

place has not been moped. There are TONS of BUGS in the

facility(have pictures to prove) there were CRICKETS on the

KITCHEN floor hoping around everywhere on the walls, gnats

flying everywhere Walking out I also saw 2 stink bugs on the

wall. I have never seen anything so disgusting in my ENTIRE

life. I am so dumb founded that a manager could ever let a

restaurant get that bad. I have always been a fan of

whataburger but this has got me totally grossed out. The

health department NEEDS to get there ASAP! Absolutely no

reason for that kind of management or should I say laziness.

The trashcan outside of the door was over filled and on the

ground. Again. Pictures to prove it all. The most Dirtiest

place I think I've been to. This is why I will now choose

McDonald's over a filth hole. I truly hope something gets

done about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whataburger Manager.

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Dear Whataburger,

Please do something about the quality in Houston. For the last 6-weeks the burgers are not warm, the cheese not melted and the stores are filthy.

I am sad because I’m watching the decline of what was truly the best store bought burger in America. I’m almost to the point of finding another go-to best burger. ***, I’m actually sad.

Please fix this. All will be forgiven if you just be what you were.



I love bugs in my food there are good for my protein.

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