I am a former employee at whataburger. They won't send me my w2 bc I didn't get it off of paperlessemployee.com.

But I didn't know I was suppose to do that till it was too late. I'm really mad because I worked there 6 months out of this past year Nd idk what to do to get my money. Does Nyone know a number that I can call, or anything I can do to get my w2?? I think it is against the law to not send w2s out by jan 31st.

Any help is needed. Thank you guys!

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Irving, Texas, United States #924257

the W2 forms DO get mailed out by Jan. 31.

to the last known address.

if you change your address then the company will not know but either way it was mailed out to the last known address. The address that is on file is always on your paycheck stub that you would have received weekly.


they do send it to the address you give them if you arent there its your own fault

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