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I have been employed at whataburger for 2 years. There have been a lot of issues that I have been going through. I'm a very hard worker because I take pride in my job. I thought pledge for whataburger states." The brilliant of Orange, is our signature color, shine through each whataburger family member. We take pride in our job. We care for each and every member. We absolutely love severing our customers. That is what I believe in. Let me get to the issues that I have been going through. I know have time you don't know what the managers, team leaders, and general manager operated y all companies. I'm start with store 843 in dibervillle, ms. Since I started I grew to love whataburger each an everyday. I enjoy helping others. Also, I enjoy working with whataburger company.

First, it started with my sister wyteshia McWilliams. Because your general manager didn't follow procedure of going by it the correct way. Instead of her calling wyteshia McWilliams in the office to discuss the matter. She did it in front of the whole store. In it went from there. That is not how a general manager supposed to act.

Second, they fired Kevin McMillan for fake compliants. Saying he sex harassment someone on the job. Which he always joke with people cause that was kevin. A hard dedicated worker. That love and knew every one in the store. They reason I know this is because the manager Danny Segal called in told him bout what Rachel Williams did to get ride of him. Which was wrong.

Third, Rachel Williams scandalized alot of people names behind their back for no reason what so ever. She treat people with no respect. But she want you to treat her with respect. Which I disagree on. She don't call you in the office to talk bout the issues she just tell yhu in front of everyone. Which is not professional. In she supposed to wear whataburger uniform with pride. It be so many people wanting a job she doesn't even give them a chance to even see will they make it. But she quick to hire other employees she know due to the fact she no they parents. Which is not a law she hire anyone she want but sometimes she is not fair. She like this girl use to work for whataburger name Chantel Lewis she called Rachel and ask her can she get her job back Rachel told her to come fill her application out. When came in did that Rachel waited until she left an stated, "I'm not going to hire her." So why would you waste her time and gas and her time. Just be honest bout it.

Then in our handbook we are not allowed to wear Color in our hair but this girl name abi had it in her head for almost two months. Did she get in trouble. But if I would have came in there it would have been

Some issues. Rachel Williams have no sympathy for people with kids what so ever. We can't call out if it have something to do with our kids. She have to give us the 3rd degree. But she called out cause her cats was sick. Reall, but she trips when we called out..then I have been there for 2 years with only a 20 cents raise I bust my tail day in an day out to make sure I do my part in some just to keep a smile on Rachel Williams face. But sometimes that is not good enough for her.

Myra wheeler she was one of Whataburger she went to Ocean Springs store and she never had bad ser tec. But your manager Becky the window should bring Mississippi in her employee Jonan was making a fake documents about her and come to find out that Mark told her what that was trying to do in your area manager he did nothing bout it. I know if that was me I would have filed a lawsuit. Cause that is wrong and totally disrespectful for your managers in your GM to wear a shirt with pride and do stuff like that now the store is also white people not being a racial or nothing but this did they don't look right on your company unless y'all are the same way which I don't feel that in my bones but something has to be done its to much that is going on in the stores. Whataburger have absolute best people that leave and walk out and never come back of the drama.

Last but not least, my name is tawaii mcwilliams. Today April 31, 2014. There was A incident at Whataburger 843. I felt disrespected cause of your manager Eddie. It's started like this I clocked in at 7:50. Which I was scheduled to go to the bubble at work. But he waited until 8:10 to give me my dtaw. So I took the draw as I was finishing up my conversation with Tamar and ko. He stated you need to hurry up in count your draw. So I told him its an a, b, c conversation so see your way out. Then he going to say yhu got five minutes or else. So I snap. I told him your not my daddy in you will not talk to me like that. Then he want ed to talk bout it. So I went in the office yes I was raising my voice cause I was already heated. So I walked out of the office. Cause I was done talking. Instead of him just letting me cool down he follow me to the bubble and still going on an on. So I had to tell him I'm already angry so just leave me alone which he didn't he keep going on. He a manager it's a right and a wrong way to talk to people. If he would gave me draw the first time I walk behind the counter and clocked in. He should have had my draw ready. Then ask tawaii can you please count your draw quickly cause I need you in the bubble. That what have been appropriate. Instead of him telling me to just clock in go home they had to call Don to the 843. I was not going to spare I would have just left with no problem. But for your GM to do what she did that was mess up. But she quick to ask me to fight her battle when an employee or customer want to get crazy with her. I know I have my days cause I'm pregnant. Yes I do have a bad attitude cause been in there make you have an attitude. Cause the environment is not pleasant or you feel the uncleansing in the air . sometimes I don't like walking in there cause of your managers. With they attitude and they talk to yhu any kind of the way..

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Take your crappy attitude and get a government job or a handout


I am sure the other Kevin sexually assaulted others if he joked about it, only it was not joking it was bragging, seriously who jokes about sexual harassment anyway?

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Maybe whataburger should give a literacy test before hiring? This employee is showing how smart she is and .....she's reproducing!!!!

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