My husband and I have lived in Montgomery Tx. We were so excited when they opened one closer to us, we had to drive into Conroe.

We have loved whatabuger for years, and when we travel we have wonderful service. I must say this location in Montgomery was the worst experience I've ever encountered. We went Saturday on August first took 25 minutes to get our order by then it was cold. My order was wrong so they gave me another, and still wrong.

I never like to complain. The manager took the burger and threw it to the cook. I saw him waving his hands while talking to the cook. Could obviously see he was talking about me.

Stated to other employee, "If they would MF order it right it would MF come out right.

I'll make the trip to Conroe next time,... name Alex

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Whataburger. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Kevin Richards apparently does not understand that telling someone exactly what you want and nothing else does not include cheese, peppers , mayonnaise or other condiment. Had I wanted anything else I would have ordered it, don't attempt to insult my intelligence.

MORONS DON'T LISTEN. I have had too many screwed up orders to just say no!

I prefer very detailed and clear order placement and it should have been repeated back to me which has never happened. I don't need Whataburger, morons or Kevin Richards!


Whataburger is not doing a very good job of managing their business. I recently called the San Antonio office to express a concern only to speak with a very rude "person of attitude".

There is little use in trying to resolve an issue with management as they seem not to care and don't show any legitimate concern.

The unprofessional conduct you experienced is without excuse and is reflective of the worst possible operation of a business at both the local and corporate level! Are you concerned about food poisoning, maybe you should be?


There are some real non professional morons hired by Whataburger. I frequently place a very explicit order and let them know that is all I want, only to be asked "do you want cheese" the process of repeating exactly what I want doubles the time to place an order while holding up those who are waiting behind me.

The customer service supervisor in San Antonio was far less than helpful, she could not have been ruder! It looks as if management has lost sight of the meaning of good customer relations.

to Anonymous #1035043

Asking you if you want cheese is not being rude, and if just saying "no thankyou" takes as much time as ordering you have issues.


Not sure how far u r but i would like to invite u too the one on 635 off abrams monday throu friday and see if they can change how ppl treat others ....i wrk there and i love to make ppl smile and feel like family so plz .

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