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I am a loyal whataburger customer and usually visit 3x a week for dinner never have had a problem. On This Day April 1,2016 as if it was an april fools joke i was taken as !

I took my family to eat at whataburger after going skating and had the worst experience ever !!!! So we went in and i am always in charge of ordering our meals since i already know what we want . Ive become familiar with workers and managers and i noticed on this day there was a new manager that i did not recognize at all.Let me start off by saying im hispanic and the cashier which was the "manager" was taking my order as i started ordering she would keep on interrupting me in the middle as if she wasnt capable or she ddnt even know what buttons to press she was lost everytime she kept interrupting me she would want to speak spanish to me (she was hospanic too) she had a very strong accent and i couldnt understand anything she said!! I speak fluent english cant even notice i can speak spanish at all i had to repeat my order one by one at least 4x each and she still ddnt get it i said all were meals i stated what i wanted and what i ddnt want it got to the point to were i got angry and asked to have somebody else take my order, she REFUSED !!!

She was even throwing my cups and threaten to call the cops for simply ordering it got me furious and told her i was not doing anything wrong she again contradicted me when i told her that apparently she ddnt know how to do her job since she was not professional at all and couldnt even take a simple order geeezzz!!!

Horrible customer service and horrible manager !!! This was in Rockwall,Tx 75032 i will definitelly be insisting in calling the 1800 number because i would like for the owner or somebody that does care for concerns like these can look into the store cameras and verify for themselves what all happened and will hopefully take the measures needed to making this restaurant better.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss whataburger manager. Whataburger needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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